How to write all engineering subjects in one notebook
July 22, 2014

In a normal engineering semester you have to study at least 5 – 6 engineering subjects. And for each subject, professors will expect you to maintain a separate note book for their subjects. And even though having one book per subject seemed like a good idea in school it is hardly a good idea when it comes to engineering.


And I know many engineering students especially boys carry only one note book to college and write everything randomly in it. But what if I say there is a technique by which you can carry only one book to college and write down all your engineering subjects (lecture notes) systematically in it.


To tell you frankly like many boys I was also a very lazy engineering student and hated carrying multiple notebooks for each engineering subject. So during my 6th semester I accidentally discovered this technique of maintaining all engineering subjects in only one book. It helped me a lot during my 6th – 8th semester and I hope it will help you guys as well.


Here is a 5 step explanation of how you can also use the same technique for your advantage.


Step 1


Buy a new notebook. Make sure you do not write any practical’s, assignment or anything related to your ATKT engineering subjects in this book. Only what you learn in lectures should be noted down in this book.


Note: Avoid using a dairy. Buy an A4 size notebook instead. The bigger the better.


Step 2

Naming each page.
Mark all the pages, Dates necessary on when you start writing on a fresh page

Number all pages of the notebook in which you will write all your engineering subjects. If you are too lazy to number all the pages at once then at least start by numbering the first 100 pages.


Step 3

Move on to the index page of the notebook and write down the names of all the engineering subjects (short form) that you will be learning in the current semester. For the sake of demonstration I have named them Subject “A”, “B” and “C”



Step 4

Step 4 is the most important step. In this step you have to keep track of the page numbers and note the appropriate “page no” in the index according to subjects.


Eg: Suppose your first lecture is of “Subject A” and you start writing Subject A from “Page no 1” and finish writing at Page no “7” then in the index page under Subject A note down the page from where you started writing Subject A. In this case the Page No is “1”.

engineering subjects 1
Page 1 under Subject A


If next lecture is of Subject B then you start writing from “Page no: 8” and write down “page no: 8” in the index page under Subject B.




Similarly if you finish subject B on “page no: 11” then start Subject C from page 12 and note down the “page no; 12” in the index page under Subject C.

engineering subjects 2


Note: Mentioning the page on which you have finished writing (Eg: Page 7 for Subject A  and Page 11 for Subject B) is not necessary.


Step 5

Next time when subject “A” lecture is there, start from where you have stopped writing previously. Once you reach the end of that page, take a fresh new page.

new lecture start

Eg: Suppose you have stopped writing at “Page 7” in the last lecture of “Subject A” then start writing on “page no: 7” if there is sufficient space left.


On “Page no: 8” we started writing about Subject B till “Page no: 11”. And from page no: 12 we have started writing about Subject C.


And assuming we finish writing Subject C on “Page no 19” then the fresh new page that I was talking about will be “Page no 20”.


Look at the below two images to understand this better.

Page 19-20


Here is how the Index page will look now.

engineering subjects 3
Write down Page No 20 beside Page no: 1 separated by a comma


Repeat the same steps for subjects B. (i.e). If you have stopped writing Subject B on “Page no 11” then complete “Page no: 8” first in the next Subject B lecture and when you reach the end of “Page 11” take a fresh new page.


That’s it.



1. Separate the Page no’s on the index page by comma.

2.  Leave at least 5 lines of space between the engineering subjects name on the Index page.
3. As soon as you start writing on a fresh page note down the page number in the index at the same time. There are chances you will not write it again and get confused later.

4. Make sure you note down the date every single day.


I believe this technique is helpful for engineering students who are serious about taking engineering subjects notes in college but are bored to carry multiple notebooks.  I hope you have understood this technique. And if you have any question ask them in the comments below.


Photo credit: Oleh Slobodeniuk




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