What is a To-Do List and how to make a To-Do List in 5 steps
August 7, 2014

A To Do List is a list in which you note down all the important stuffs that you need to finish on a daily basis or in upcoming days.

Creating a To Do List is simple but following it properly is the most difficult task and so here are the tools for making a to do list and 5 steps that will help you make the most out of the List


To Do list + tools

For creating a To Do List there are many tools that you can use. The best tool that you can use is a pen and a piece of paper. A simple piece of paper is all you need to make a To Do List. You can also use your smartphone or laptop if you have easy access to the internet.

So if you have the luxury of using a smartphone then you can use To Do List apps like Google Keep, Any Do, Evernote, ToDoList, smart reminder etc. While selecting your To Do List app make sure you select the app that can be synchronized on multiple devices like Smartphone, tablet and laptop for making and keeping track of your list.


1. Write down your task

Sit back, relax and start thinking of the important stuffs that you must include in your To Do List. Note down the important things that come to your mind. Separate each item or task in the list with bullet points or just number them.

Don’t prepare a list in a matter of 30 seconds; think for at least 5 minutes or more before you finalize the list. Note down at least 10 things that you need to complete today.


2. Assigning importance

Once you have penned down the tasks that you need to finish in the day sort the task accordingly. Ask yourself this simple question. Which task I can easily complete in the morning? Which task should be finished while travelling? Which task should I complete in college or at work?


3. Time limit

After you make a To Do List with a list of task that you need to finish in a day, assign an approximate time limit to every task in the list. Some task will take you more time than other so better assign approximate time to every task so that you don’t spend 1 hours on a task that should be finished in 15 minutes.

If you are making a To Do List for the first time then make sure you start your day with one or two simple task. Completing at least one task from your list at the start of the day will boost your confidence and once you get confidence at the start of the day you will be able o complete many things from the list. The simple task could include reading a self-help book for 30 minutes or may be going to the gym for 45 minutes to workout.


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4. Slash out

After completing a task, just slash it out from the list and then move out to the next one.


5. Review it

Once you reach the end of your day, keep the list in front of your eyes and review it.

Do you remember I have mentioned previously that you must assign certain time limit to each task? Compare the approximate time limit that you have estimated on a particular task and what is the actual time that it took you to finish that task. If you take one hour in completing a task for which you estimated a time limit of 30 minutes then think of  different ways to improve your timing.


This is all you need to make your to do list and follow it properly so you can make the most out of it. Now let’s look at one of the benefits of having a to do list.


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Benefits of a To Do List

  • Once you note that important things in your to do list there are higher chances that you will definitely complete it.


People with clear written goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine

– Brain Tracy

    • Reduce procrastination.


    • Maintaining a To Do List will help you keep a better track of your time. In short it will help you in time management.


    • Boost your Productivity


  •  A To Do List keeps you an your brain active throughout the day. In short it is a good exercise for your brain.


For making the most out of your To Do List try making it at night before going to Bed.

For Eg: If you have a habit of getting up late in the morning then the first task you must include in your list should be like this

    • Wake up at 6.00am.


  • Other IMPORTANT task that you need to finish.

And once you wake up at 6.00 in the morning, slash this point out of your list.

So what do you think about a To Do List. Do you think a To Do List can help you with time management and get more things done in day? If the answer is yes then take a pen and a piece of paper and start with your To Do List. If you have anything to add then add your thoughts in the comments below.



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