Web Programming Languages computer engineers should learn
July 14, 2014

C and C++ and Java are the basic programming languages Computer and IT engineering students learn in their first year of engineering. And in the second year you start learning core subjects related to computer and web architecture, protocols, databases etc. Even though C, C++, Java are important but when it comes to Web technology there are some other languages you need to learn. And even if you have them in your syllabus these web programming languages won’t be in complete depth


Many computer and IT engineering students know that HTML is one language that is used to code websites & webpages. But what you need to know is that the web-o-sphere is not made of HTML alone. There are couple of other web programming languages that work together to give you a rich web experience. And if you are also like many students who want to learn web programming languages to create websites, web app, games etc but don’t know from where you must start. Then here are 7 Web programming languages you should learn


1. H.T.M.L


HTML new


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. H.T.M.L is the basic web programming language. HTML programming language consists of a various tags. Each elements have starting and ending tags and elements are placed inside these tags. Tags end with ” /  “sign.


Eg :




The ” p ” tags above and below me are called paragraph tags.




If you are an amateur in web programming then HTML is the first programming language you must start learning. And Yes HTML programming languages is totally different than C, C++, Java. So you really do not need any previous coding experience to start learning HTML.


Here is an example of how a simple “Hello World” program in coded in HTML. Notice the starting and ending tags.


HTML Code example


2. C.S.S

C.S.S new


C.S.S stand for cascading style sheet. C.S.S is a web programming language that is used for styling web pages.

With H.T.M.L programming language you can only structure you website as you want. But if you want to add styling and color to you website then you need to embed C.S.S code.


With C.S.S you can change text color, text format (bold, italic), text family, draw geometric shapes, set background color of individual elements as well as change the background color of the entire website.


Here is an C.S.S styling example in which paragraph elements color is changed to blue and font-size to 32px

CSS Code example

3. JavaScript



JavaScript is a client side web programming language and a dynamic computer programming language. With JavaScript programming languages you create various web applications, computer application as well as Mobile Apps. But before you get started with JavaScript programming language you need to have good knowledge and understanding of functions, loops, if-else statement, methods, arrays etc. The syntax’s in JavaScript are similar to that of C.


Here is a JavaScript code example to calculate the length of string i.e Hello World.

JS code example


4. PHP


PHP stand for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, previously it was known as Personal Home Page. PHP programming language is a server side scripting language designed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995.


PHP is more of a Web development language and it is used in more than 75% of websites on the World Wide Web. A PHP code can be easily embed in an HTML code itself by using PHP starting and ending tag.

Example of a simple PHP code embed inside an HTML code.

php code example

5. Python


python logosource

Python is a powerful server side scripting web programming language use for creating websites, mobile games and search engines. Python programming language is fairly simple than JavaScript as you can do more with less lines of code. Python is considered by many as a user friendly language for beginners


A simple Python program to Print “Hello World”

python code example


6. Ruby



Ruby is a dynamic object oriented programming language that is considered fairly easy to learn. Now a normal ruby code is fairly easy to read and write. In simple words the code looks like normal English.


A Ruby program doing simple math calculation

ruby code


7. jQuery

jQuery logosource

jQuery is a programming language use for creating dynamic effects and animations. jQuery programming language is easy to learn and just by embedding few lines of jQuery code you can create some amazing animations and text effects. The syntax and tags in jQuery are different from the above mentioned web programing languages but they are quite easy to understand once you start coding.


jQuery is not as big as the other programming languages, but if you like to flaunt yourself as an artist and want to create some amazing web effects with less lines of code then consider learning jQuery.



As Computer and IT engineering students you know that if you want to learn a new programming language then you should also know the tools associated with it. And if you are looking for the right tools to get started then check out this post


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Now I personally recommend Codecademy as one of the best websites from where you can learn web programming languages quickly and easily.


This list does not cover all the web programming languages. I have just mentioned 7 web programming languages on which majority of websites, web app and web games are made. I know sometimes learning a single programming language can be very tough and here I have mentioned 7 languages. But believe me if you have a learning mindset and know the right tools you can learn anything.


Having a good knowledge about these web programming languages will not only make you smarter but will further help you in your carrier and Final Year (Project). I know most you will still be in doubt whether you can learn all the 7 programming languages. But if an E.X.T.C graduate (without prior knowledge of coding) like me can learn them then so can you.


So don’t wait start now because even the best coder in the World was once an Amateur



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