Top 8 excuses made by engineering students
June 27, 2014

For many engineering students in India engineering is all about expectation. We expect a lot from ourselves. When 17 – 18 year old teenagers enter engineering college they have many goals and dreams. We are all restless when we are in the first year of engineering. We want to do this and we want to do that. When we achieve certain things as expected we feel confident and are motivated to move on to the next things. But when we are not able to fulfill certain expectation we come up with excuses. And over a period of time these excuses become our belief.


So here are top 8 excuses engineering students make during their college days.


1. No time

This is one of the most common excuses made by many engineering students. I have no time to study, no time to finish write-up, no time to hang out with friends. What you guys need to know is that we all have 24 hours in the day. And how you use these 24 hours separates you from other people.


 2. I’m not smart enough

This is one of the biggest misconceptions many engineering students have. And over a period of time this misconception turns into an excuse. Many engineering students who get KT’s semester after semester believe that they are not smarter than other students. Many lazy student ends up making such excuse when people ask them about their low grade or what major project they have done during college days


 3. Practical sessions are a waste of time

Engineering’s core is based on practical knowledge. You cannot become a great engineer just by memorizing theory answers. You have to know how things work practically in real life.


4. I’m too Busy

This is again one of the most common excuses made by engineering students. I’m too busy. And the worst part is that many students use this excuse even after finishing college. The problem with so many students is that they spend majority of their time on mindless tasks like watching TV serials, playing games on PC & mobiles etc. When they are done with all these they spend the remaining time on college work



Do remember you can fool your parents by sitting in front of the computer for many hours, reading books instead of actually studying. But you cannot fool yourself


5. I can do this only if …….

Perhaps the most common excuse used by students who fear “Change”. I can pass only if I join that class. I can understand math’s only if someone teaches me. I can study only if I’m in a silent room with no disturbance. My Final year Project would have been good I would have that guy/girl in my team.


Many students who don’t want to change themselves or are afraid of change come up with this type of excuses. They believe in other people and material things rather than believing in themselves.


 6. He/she has done this so he/she gets that

Many students who are jealous of other people/students keep making this excuse. Many students try to avoid their shortcoming by pointing out the advantages other students have over them but what they don’t see is the hard work taken by other person.


He cleared that paper because he joined that class. He is master in football because he has played at the state level. He gets the write up because……, she is smart because…, He cleared the papers because that person showed him the answer. These are just some of the excuses made by students.


7. I cannot get a job in Good company

Students with low confidence level keep making this excuse. And it could be because of their past experiences. Students who have got a Yearly drop, many atkt’s in the past, low grades, students whose English is not good keep making this excuse. Feeding your mind with this excuse will only increase your worries and tension.


So instead of making this excuse time and time again what you should know is that corporate companies do not hire people just on the basis of good grade. Companies look at individual’s aptitude level, certification courses done in the past, Final year projects and other skills.

8. I cannot innovate or create something new

Many engineering students (not all) in India have a very narrow mindset. Students have massive goals and dreams when they enter engineering. But as time goes by we start giving up on our dreams and those dreams start fading away.


You as engineering students have the ability to think Big, dream Big and create your own path instead of walking on the path taken by many people. So stop making this excuse that you cannot create something new. Engineers are the innovators, creators and the difference makers. You could be one of them if you stop making this excuse from today itself.


Are you making any of these excuses as an engineering student? If the answer is yes then you need to change the way you think. Instead of making such excuses you must start thinking about the steps you can take to overcome these excuses.




Photo credit: Stuart Anthony



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