6 things you should do during college vacation
June 15, 2014

College vacations are one of the best time for any engineering student. Engineers can just sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of the world in this free time . Because believe it or an engineering students college life is really hard. College from 9 to 5, Periodic leaves for 20 days so we can […]

In part  1 related to “How I earned Rs 37000 from a single Internship” I explained how I made around Rs 17000 during the 4 months of my internship. I showed the e-mail conversation and how I had to leave the internship because of my 7th semester exams.  But since I was curious about learning […]

It has almost been 2 years from the time I  got my 1st internship way back in July 2012. I have just entered the final year of my engineering carrier. And I truly believe that an internship do play a very important role in engineering students life. My first internship was in a Robotic company […]

What is an Internship? 5 benefits of being an intern
March 29, 2014

It is really schocking to know that many engineering students in India do not know the meaning of the words internship or intern. And if you have heard about both these words before but don’t have an clear cut idea about what they mean. Then this is a must read for you so that you […]