Google is one of the most iconic companies in the World and Google’s search engine normally referred as Google Web search is one of the most popular  search engine in the World. Interestingly the Google search engine or the Google web search handles over 3 billion searches per day. Needless to say the figure is […]

How and what makes a google glass work
June 11, 2014

Google glass is a product developed by the Google X team. The product is named “Glass” and it is called as “Project Glass”. Glass has been one of the most talked about project for a couple of year now as tech geeks know that it is a small wearable computer that lets you access all […]

Google recently announced Android Wear which is a  new wearable technology that it will run Android powered smart watches and wearables.  Android wear is basically a modified version of Android OS.   Android wear promises ton of things not only to the consumers but it also has a lot of things in stored for android […]