In a normal engineering semester you have to study at least 5 – 6 engineering subjects. And for each subject, professors will expect you to maintain a separate note book for their subjects. And even though having one book per subject seemed like a good idea in school it is hardly a good idea when […]

Completing an engineering college write up is one of the most boring things an engineering student has to do throughout his 4 years of engineering college life. Even though students enjoy performing practical experiments during their practical session, very few students are interested in finishing their college write ups in college itself.   But here […]

10 smart ways to study during exams
May 13, 2014

The time of examination is perhaps one of the most testing times in the life of an engineering students. As an engineering student faces a lot of high’s and lows during this period. And since many engineering semester exams last for almost a months, So here are 10 smart ways to study during exams   […]

How to clear a KT, 21 steps you must follow (Part 2)
March 22, 2014

The first 7 tips mentioned in part 1 were the things I had followed on daily basis during my 6th semester. I personally advice you read  How to clear a KT, 21 steps you must follow (Part 1) before proceeding to Part 2. If you have read the part 1 go ahead and read Part 2. […]

How to clear a KT, 21 steps you must follow (Part 1)
March 17, 2014

How to clear a KT? You can ask many engineering students how to clear a KT and their obvious answers would be study hard, study smart, study 14 hours a day, study the whole day, bunk lectures and study, refer these notes, refer that notes. People will tell you a lot of things you must […]

Allowed To Keep Term or simply ATKT as many engineering know in short is a very common word when you are doing engineering. Majority of engineering students in India get atkt during their first year of engineering. And once a freshman engineering students get atkt in his/her first year there are several mistakes which engineering student commit. […]