11 reasons why you must have a linkedin account
August 13, 2014

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social networking website. Talking about professionals, LinkedIn is a place where you can make valuable connections with people you know or to whom you may like to get introduced.  So listed below are 11 reasons why you must have a LinkedIn accountand what are the benefits of having one.


1. It is for Professional

LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking website not because it has more users as compared to other social networking sites. Facebook has over 1 billion users as compared to LinkedIn which has 300 million plus users. But the reason why LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking website is because the place is filled with top industry professionals instead of teenagers and kids.


2. Top professional

LinkedIn is one place where you will find Entrepreneur, top CEO (Chief Executive Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer) from various industries with whom you can make connections.

As a matter of fact you will find many top people and leaders on LinkedIn as compared to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any social networking platform.


3. Skills & expertise

We all know in LinkedIn you can easily update your skills and expertise. The skills and expertise section is also readily visible to people who view your profile. So keep updating your LinkedIn profile with your latest skills so that people will know you better as a professional.


4. Profile strength indicator

This is one feature of LinkedIn that really makes all the difference. Companies require people who know the latest or have good experience in a particular field. On your Profile page fill in your academic details, past experiences and all the necessary skills. Once you are done LinkedIn will show you your Profile strength on the right side of your profile. And the good news is that other people can easily see your skills and expertise on your Profile page itself.


Do yo know: Linkedin was founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5 2013. 


5. Profile visitors

Many social networking websites today really don’t show their users who viewed their profile. At LinkedIn you get notified whenever someone views your profile.



6. Create your resume

You can also create a resume using your LinkedIn profile. To create your resume you need to do 2 things.

  • First click on  Home → then click on “Complete profile”. Complete your Profile by answering few question that LinkedIn asks.
  • Once you are done with that, hover over to “Edit profile” downward pointing arrow and click on “Export to PDF”.


7. Jobs

LinkedIn is also used by many companies as a platform to hire top employees for their company and organizations. At LinkedIn you can also follow startups or Multi-national companies, search if they have any openings and then apply to the respective companies.


8. Recommendations

If you have a good track record in your previous company then you can ask a recommendation from your colleagues or boss. If you are a college student you can ask from recommendations from your college professors, friends or principal.

Click on Profile → Hover on downward arrow near “Edit Profile” → And then click on  “Ask to be recommended”.


9. Follow companies

Follow companies in your field and find out if they have any opening. You can also follow a particular company to know about its working culture. Because when you go for an interview, one of the questions many HR will ask you is “What do you know about our company?”


Do you know: USA has the largest number of LinkedIn users in the World,followed by India at second place according to 2013.


10. Follow groups

The biggest advantage of being on LinkedIn is that there are no nonsense groups. There are no meme’s, no trolls group. Since LinkedIn is a professional social networking website majority of the groups on LinkedIn are related to business and technologies. There are groups for engineers, artist, accountant, HR etc. So you must definately join groups that match your skills and expertise.


11. Less distractions

The main reason why LinkedIn is less distracting is because when people or student log in to LinkedIn they are not thinking about uploading their weekend photos or selfies. When people do a “LinkedIn log in” all they want to do is update their latest skills, make new and valuable connections or find a new job.

And this is the main reason why it is the World’s largest professional social networking website because people are more focused on their career when they “log in” to LinkedIn.


Being on LinkedIn is the need of the day for students and professionals who are looking for new opportunities in corporate world. Many HR and companies use LinkedIn as a source for hiring new potential employees. People who have similar goals and passions can connect on LinkedIn and start their own Venture. So young engineers do you have an account on the words largest professional social networking website. If you haven’t made your LinkedIn account then take the first step and create your account on LinkedIn and keep updating your skills on LinkedIn. You may never know when opportunity will knock your door.











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