How to increase productivity on daily basis? 5 questions you must ask
July 26, 2014

How do you spend your day? Most people will say I was busy doing this and that activity. Or I was busy doing 100 of things. But do you feel satisfied when the day ends? If the answer is NO then probably you may be doing tons of things but none of them are helping you in being productive.


You see productivity is not a subject you learn in College. But you can ask yourself certain questions on a daily basis that will not only make you productivity but will also help you increase productivity. So here are 5 simple questions you must ask yourself daily if you want to be productive.

1. The starting hour

What you do in the morning affects your entire day. Many people wake up in the morning and hurry up for their work. Do you commit the same mistake? If yes then in order to increase your productivity you need to change this habit.


The most productive people in the World spend at least one hour in the morning planning their perfect day. Wake up one hour before your normal time and do something that makes you satisfied, from going to the Gym to planning your day.


So before you leave your house for college or work ask yourself this simple productive question


What productive work have I done in the first hour after I wake up?



2. The alternative

What do you do when you schedule your day and nothing goes as planned? You sit in a particular lecture and the professor is absent. Or you ask your friend for a certain write up and he gives you none.


These are the scenario when your brain is actually ready to perform certain activities but due to some reason or other that activity is postponed or cancelled all together. In such scenarios instead of wasting your time doing nothing create an quick alternate plan and ask yourself this simple question


What alternate work can I do now?



Here are 2 examples

  1. If the professor doesn’t show up in class spend your time revising that subject or complete a certain write up.


  1. After coming from college if you feel you are too tired and have no intention of studying then switch on the computer and enroll for a free online course or read a self-help book.


 3. The last 15 minute

You have 24 hours in a day and how you spend them separates you from the rest of the crowd. And if you want to increase your productivity then you need to make even 5-10 minutes of you day count.


Suppose you study from 8 pm – 11 pm daily. But on some days if you finish at 10.45 am then in the last 15 minutes you  do nothing and exactly at 11 pm you hit the bed. The 15 minutes that you spend doing nothing could have been utilized to do something productive. And here is a Question you should ask to improve productivity.


What productive work can I do in these last 15 minutes (of the day)?



Ask yourself this simple question if you finish something 10 – 30 minutes before you hit the bed. In the last 10 – 30 minutes of the day you can check previous year question papers and get some idea about which questions are asked frequently. Or maybe you can watch a short motivational video before going to bed at night.


4. The free time Question

We all have times when we have nothing to do. Now during this time when you do nothing but let the “time pass” ask yourself this simple question to increase productivity.


What productive work can I do in this free time?



There is always something you know you can do in your free time. Repeat this question 4-5 times until you get the right answer.


5. The productive question

Q No: 2 depend on the situation. If something doesn’t go well do something else. But you need to ask Q No: 1, 3  & 4 on a daily basis to increase productivity and if you are able to answer these 4 questions you can easily answer this last Question.


How much productive have I been today?


You cannot say you are productive just because you have done 100 things in a day. How you do them is also important. The most productive people in the world are the ones who do one thing at a time, finish it completely and move on to the next one. A productive person is always satisfied with his work because he knows he has spent his time, focus and energy into something great.

Productivity is not something you will learn in a day it takes time. So if you are serious about increasing your productivity and become a productive person then keep asking yourself these 5 simple questions on daily basis.


“You cannot learn productivity in college; you learn how to be productive only by experience”


Photo credit: Fraser Catlin



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