How to improve focus during examination
May 20, 2014

Studying during exam time is quite a challenging task. Many students are stressed and tensed during this crucial period of examination. This stress and tension further leads to distractions and a distraction filled mind loses it’s ability to focus. So here are 8 mantras that will help you in increasing your focus during exam time.

1. Concentrate on the current subject

Concentrating on the current paper is the most important thing that will help you in building your focus towards studies. Now what we mean by this is point is very simple. Suppose you have a paper A on 19th May and Paper B on 20th May and today is 18th May then your focus should be on Paper A regardless of whether you are well prepared for the next paper or not. When you think about 2 papers at a one time you will be heavily distracted and sooner or later this distraction will turn into stress, negative thoughts and you may end up messing in both the papers.


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Concentrating more on  paper which is on the next day(Paper A) will help in improving your focus and when Paper A goes all well then you will be more relaxed and can focus better for Paper B.

2 Mediate

Meditation helps in clearing your mind of all the distractions. Meditating for 5-10 daily in the morning will help you in improving your focus to a larger extent. So by any means DO IT. If have not done meditation before then best you can do is close your eyes and listen to some meditating music for 5-10 minutes.


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3. Start with the easy stuff

Most students will give up studying a particular subject if they find it difficult or if they are not able to memorize any answer related to it. They best thing you can do at this point is start with some easy topic or sub topic related to that subject and once you have understood the basics well move on to the difficult subjects.


4. Study with a Smart student or group study

Group studying during the final days of exams could be a massive boon if you do it right. Sitting in company of your friends will improve your focus if the other guys studying with you are smart enough and sitting with them solves most of your problems. Because sometimes all we need are friends who want us to succeed.

5. Eat Right

Health is Wealth

Eating the right amount of food will also help in increasing your focus during study time. Stay away from aerated drinks, energy drinks and fast food during exam time. As such stuffs will not help you in increasing your focus.

6. Take a Power Nap

Power Nap is a small sleep that terminates before we go in deep sleep. Power Nap simply means taking a break and sleeping for a short duration of time. Power Nap should be short for maximum 30 – 45 minutes


If you are tired after studying for 3 – 4 hours then instead of watching TV or checking Social Media just for Notifications take a power Nap for a short period of time and give your body a much need break, because watching TV and social Media are the best ways to distract yourself.

7. Cut off Social Media and other distraction

Distractions are inversely proportional to Focus


Well the above term is self explanatory. The more you are distracted during exam time the less you will focus on studies during exam time. Switching off your Mobile data connection, watching less TV, talking meaningful and not gossiping on the phone while studying  will help you in boosting your focus to a large extent.

8. Stay Motivated

You have to stay motivated during the time of examination, because this time comes only after a span of 6 months and what you do during this time will decide your faith for the next 6 months and the coming exams. So when you feel like you are tired and can’t take it anymore remind yourself of some positive word or quotes and chant it for a while.


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Because sometimes you may feel you are tired but the reality could be you are just being too lazy. So when you feel lazy after a long period of study time watch a motivational video, take some time out sit near the window and just watch the world move for a short time (not more than 5-10 minutes). Give yourself some motivational boost and kick start again with new zeal and enthusiasm. Small things like these will further help in increasing your focus.

So these are our top 8 mantras what will help you guys in increasing your Focus during exams. What are some other mantras you use that help you in increasing your focus during examination? We know you have something to share with us so do share it in the comments below


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