How and what makes a google glass work
June 11, 2014

Google glass is a product developed by the Google X team. The product is named “Glass” and it is called as “Project Glass”. Glass has been one of the most talked about project for a couple of year now as tech geeks know that it is a small wearable computer that lets you access all the digital information in an instant. And even though there were several delays in the project, Google Glass finally became available to the general public in the US on 15 May 2014 for a price tag of 1500 $ ( approx Rs 89000 ).


Now as Google Glass are available to the general public it is really important as engineers and engineering students to know the technology behind Google Glass and how Google Glass actually works.  So here is an infographics which explains the complete working of Google Glass.

google glass

 Infograph credit : Dailyinfograph


So after viewing this infographics you would have got a clear idea about how Google glass works.  It mainly consists of a battery, camera, speakers, microphone, CPU, small projector and a prism that focuses the image directly on the retina.


The battery is placed on the back side, CPU in the middle and the projector, camera and prism are placed in the front neighboring to each other. When the projector projects light on the prism, a layer is created on which you can check your information and depending on the way you are wearing the Google glass the position of this layer can change.


Features & Technology

The Google glass consists of a touchpad that allows users to swipe through different interface screen. You can swipe the touchpad forward or backward to view different events on the timeline. It has a 5 MP camera with ability to record 720 HD video. Google also offers Smartphone app called MyGlass for both iOS and Android users that allow users to manage and configure the device. Google glass consists of apps such as Google+, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Now. And with third party developers chipping in, the number of application for Glass are about to go up.

Do you know: Google’s popular driverless car project is also developed by the Google X team.

The technology used in Google glass is based on Augmented reality which many tech pundits believe is the technology of the future as more wearable devices will be based on augmented reality.

Other specs

    • The operating system is kitkat (4.4.2)


    • Consist of a lithium Polymer battery


    • Consist of a 1 GB RAM out of which 682 MB is available.


    • It has a storage capacity of 16 GB out of which 12 GB is reusable.


    • 5 MP camera for taking pictures and 720p HD recording for videos.


    • Google Glass also consists of a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a micro USB.


    • Google Glass takes voice input via microphone. It also takes input via accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, ambient light etc.


    • A prism projector and the display is 640 X 360 pixels.


  • It weighs only 50 grams.


Do you know: Glass was named the “Best innovation of the Year” for the year 2012.


So guys what you think about Google Glass, Have you got a chance to try it out and as engineers how do you think this augmented reality wearable product will change our future for the better. Do share your views with us in the comments below.


photo credit : Ted Eyton



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