Google introduces Google car with no steering wheel and brakes
June 1, 2014

Lat week Google introduced its very own and the very first driver-less car called the Google Car. Google Car is just not any other driverless car, Robot car, the car has no steering wheel and brakes


Yes no steering wheel and brakes, so how does it?


The Google car consists of the following advance equipment and technolgy that makes it different from other self autonomous driverless cars. The Google car consist of a lidar (Light Radar). A range finder mounted on top of the car which is a Velodyne 64 beam laser. This laser allows the car to create detailed 3D map of the environment. These 3D maps are then combined with high resolution maps of the world producing different types of data model that allows the car to drive itself.

There are few buttons on the car near the seats that lets you can use according to convenience. Normally these are the buttons for start and stop.Push a button placed on the car and the car will take you anywhere you want.


Here is video of the amazing Google driverless car.



The Google car is powered by a software called Google Chauffeur and the project involved various developing technology for autonomous car. The self driving car project is currently led by Sebastian Thrun an engineer at Google  He is also the co-inventor of Google street-view.


Google engineers have been working on Google car for a couple of years now. In the earlier prototypes of the Google car engineers at Google used different cars like Toyota Prius, Audi TT and Lexus RX450H.


These cars did have steering wheels and brakes to handle any unwanted problems such as Computer program crash or if there’s an emergency and a person has to take immediate control of the car. But things have all changed with Google’s latest prototype car which is free of steering wheel and brakes at all.


But How safe is it?

Google’ newest car prototype is built keeping all the safety measures in mind. The Google car consist of Cameras and sensors which have no blind spot and can detect objects for 360 degrees ranging as far as 200 yards (182.88 meters). The Google car runs at a top speed of about 25 miles/hr and it has a front end built of soft foam.


Many car expert as well as Google believe that automobile are much safer a much safer option. 90% of all major or minor road accidents are caused because of Human error. If we calculate the accident figure in number then approximately around 33,000 people are killed each year in the USA alone and approx 1.2 million (12 lakh) people killed worldwide.


The Google car has been put through thousand of test  and on August 2012 the google self driving car team announced that they have successfully completed over 3,00,000 autonomous miles (5,00,000 km) without any accidents and in 2014 the Google car has covered over 700,000 autonomous miles.


Navigation and avoiding obstacles


As Google car uses Light Radar and a range finder mounted on top of the car it is able to create a 3D view of nearby object . This further creates a color coded image of the object which helping in avoiding objects depending on their size and color. Cyclists are color coded red, pedestrian yellow, Vehicles are color coded green or pink.


The system can even detect railroad crossing, signboards, construction zones and it can also detect whether a bicyclist has raised his hand to cross on the other side of the lane. The Google car also slows down while taking a turn. Currently the car has been tested the most on the street of Mount View, California.


Google believes that the Google Car can really be a realistic solution for old people or blind people because now they can travel anywhere with the help of Google car. Since it is a driverless car the Google car can leave you at the office in the morning and then go up your kids from schools, drive them home safely and then in the evening it can come back near your office building to pick you up.



We are leaving you guys with one last video of Steve Mahan, a Morgan Hill California resident taking a ride in self driving Toyota Prius. Steve Mahan has lost 95% of his vision and is well passed legal blindness.



It looks like the Google car or the Google driverless car can benefit humanity in many ways but  here could be one darkside of the Google driverless car. If Google car becomes a reality tomorrow then who know we would never be driving a car again in the near future.

So folk what do you think about Google car, which could be Google very first futuristic Robotic or autonomous self-driving car of the future. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.
Photo credit: Sancho McCann



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