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June 18, 2014

FIFA world cup 2014 has finally arrived in Brazil and the starting few days of the World Cup have been simply outstanding. The best teams in  the world are playing at their absolute best as the FIFA World Cup in Brazil is living up to its expectation. And if you are an engineering student who is also a crazy football fan. Then here are some cool football merchandise you can shop and show support to your favorite team.



The football used in this years World Cup is called Brazuca. Many football experts around the World consider it as one of the best World Cup footballs ever made because of its aerodynamics and grip. The good news is that Brazuca is available online. So instead of searching it in local store your team can contribute and get one for yourselves online.


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We all like wearing jerseys, whether you are a football fan or not. Even people who know little about football do like to wear jerseys of their favorite football players. So if you are planning to purchase a jersey why not purchase it at the time of World Cup.


Football studs

If you have watched all the matches of FIFA 2014 till date then you would realize that many popular football players are wearing some amazing black and white studs. The studs are made by Adidas.  So if you want to buy one of such studs for yourselves then you can get one of the pairs online. These studs are named Predator, Nitrocharge, Adizero, 11Pro etc.


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Why not spice up this World Cup with some funky shoes representing the country your supporting


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Football Wallets

You can even purchase wallets of your favorite football stars like Ronaldo, Messi and Torres this FIFA season. We use wallets to keep track of our money. But instead of purchasing a single color black or brown wallet why not try a funky football star wallet this season.


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Laptop skin

You can spice up your laptop by getting yourself a laptop backcover skin. Many of the laptops available in the market are single colored, so why not put up a custom skin of your favorite player. Before buying one make sure that you check the dimensions of your laptop.


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Mobile Cases

With the evolution of Smartphone. Smartphone cases have become more trendy and fashionable. And you can also make your Smartphone look fashionable with these FIFA mobile cases.


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The best footballers in the World have some inspiring story to tell. We see footballers perform at their ansolute best on the biggest stage. But what we don’t see is the hard work, dedication, pain and suffering they put in every single day to reach at the top. So if you are fond of reading then get yourself a book of your favorite football star.


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Other football merchandise

If you are not satisfied with the above mentioned list of football merchandises then you view some more football stuffs online. Here are some more merchandise.

  • Football key chains
  • T-shirts
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Wall posters
  • Pillow covers
  • Goal keeping gloves
  • Shin guards
  • Bags



Tips while purchasing online

  • When you buy a product online make sure you have a look at product description and customer reviews.
  • Have a look at the delivery options.
  • Make sure you have a look at the seller of the product.
  • If you feel the product is damaged then you can also return the product.
  • Have a look at the product exchange policy option. Eg: Flipkart replacement time varies from 10 – 30 days depending on what product you are buying.
  • You can read more on online shopping by checking one of our previous post on online shopping.


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Soccer is one of the most popularsports in the world. It unites people from all corner of the World. So what are you waiting for Football World Cup lasts only for a month. Get your favorite football stuff and cheer your favorite team this football season.



Photo credit: Choo Yut Shing






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