It has almost been 2 years from the time I  got my 1st internship way back in July 2012. I have just entered the final year of my engineering carrier. And I truly believe that an internship do play a very important role in engineering students life. My first internship was in a Robotic company […]

9 Time Management Tips for students with quotes
March 14, 2014

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment“ -Buddha   Are you finding it hard to manage your teenage life. Juggling between the busy schedule of college and personal life. Then check out these 9 time management tips for students to help yourself out. […]

7 traits of super productive engineering student
March 2, 2014

A Super Productive Engineering Student(SPES). What does that mean? Super Productive Engineering Students are the ones who spend most of their TIME doing productive stuffs rather than being busy. To make one point clear, if you think these are the students who will sit for every lecture, practical, join classes for each subject and wear […]

10 interesting facebook facts on its 10th birthday
February 6, 2014

Facebook the  World largest social media giant that was launched on 4 February 2004 celebrates it’s 10 anniversary today on 4 February 2014.  Mark Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook in his dorm room when he was just 19 years old and here are 10 facebook facts on facebooks 10th bithday   1. Young  founders Mark Zuckerberg was […]

7 cool things about Steve Jobs movie called JOBS
January 5, 2014

Steve Jobs was an artist, visionary, innovator who created one of the  most successful company of modern era Apple. The guy who revolutionized  the entire personal computer industry, the motion picture industry, music industry, the telephone industry and gave birth to the Tablet industry.   So here a Steve Jobs movie that depicts all these […]

Teenager – The word derived from tens and some of you reading this blog will be in your late teens, studying in your dream college, pursuing an engineering degree that is taking you one step closer to your dream. The dream of becoming an engineer and enjoy a quality life but you know a dream is […]