12 Types of Smartphone Apps You Must Have
August 20, 2014

Smartphone apps have come up a long way in terms of technology. 5 years back the mobile platform was dominated by Nokia and there weren’t many apps in those days. Today the World of smartphone is dominated by Application or Apps in short, we are surrounded by them and teenagers cannot live without them.  And […]

10 lessons you can learn from German football team
July 15, 2014

World Cup 2014 came to a fitting end on 13 july 2014 with the German football team emerging as the new football World champions. Undoubtedly the German football team was the best team among 32 other teams that competed in the World Cup.   Seeing Germany play in the World Cup was truly inspiring. They […]

Good is a very astonished word – always associated with positive karma’s in life,in a way the word is a big competitor of word BAD so people try to play safe and like to be in corner of GOOD all the time. GOOD Habits are always better than BAD ones, GOOD people always better than […]

25 motivational quotes to boost your confidence
July 1, 2014

Motivation is one of the main confidence booster. As students we always feel good when we have someone who can make us feel good and boost our confidence. And so here are 25 motivational quotes that you can refer when you are feeling down   1. When you have confidence, you can have a lot […]

Top 8 excuses made by engineering students
June 27, 2014

For many engineering students in India engineering is all about expectation. We expect a lot from ourselves. When 17 – 18 year old teenagers enter engineering college they have many goals and dreams. We are all restless when we are in the first year of engineering. We want to do this and we want to […]

Staying motivated during exam could be one of the toughest tasks. There are so many topics that you have to study during the period of examination and that to in limited time frame. Maths and Physics formula, derivations, problems and questions that will make your head go nuts. Sometimes you study so much that you literally get exhausted […]


Looking for the best commencement speech that will inspire you during your graduation then here are 8 best commencement speeches from some of the greatest personalities.    1. J K Rowling Commencement speech – The benefits of Failure. J K Rowling is one of the most influential personalities in the World. She is the author of […]

25 Thomas Edison Quotes for success
April 19, 2014

Born on February 11, 1847 Thomas Alva Edison was an American innovator and businessmen. Thomas Edison was one of the greatest innovators during the 19th and 20th century. He has approximately 1,093 innovations patents to his name. Some of Thomas Edison famous innovations were the phonograph, motion picture camera and the electric light bulb. Thomas Edison was […]

The presentation secrets of steve jobs
April 17, 2014

Presentation is one word that generates fear in every one mind. We like to do things we are passionate about and we are comfortable sharing the idea with a small group of people. But what if someone tells you to share your project idea or your product in front of 1000 people? The obvious answer is […]