13 Advantages Of Smartphones Over Normal Phones
July 18, 2014

Do you know there are 90,45,14,000 cell phone users in India. And with population of India being close to 1.2 billion we can easily calculate that more than 74% population in India use mobile phones. But in today’s ever changing World it is more beneficial to have a smartphone then just a normal mobile phone. […]

C and C++ and Java are the basic programming languages Computer and IT engineering students learn in their first year of engineering. And in the second year you start learning core subjects related to computer and web architecture, protocols, databases etc. Even though C, C++, Java are important but when it comes to Web technology […]

Completing an engineering college write up is one of the most boring things an engineering student has to do throughout his 4 years of engineering college life. Even though students enjoy performing practical experiments during their practical session, very few students are interested in finishing their college write ups in college itself.   But here […]

Many engineering students prefer bunking the 1st month of college and spend their valuable time at home doing nothing or thinking about how bad the last semester papers were. If you too are committing the same mistakes then check out these 7 activities an engineering student should  do in the 1st month of every engineering […]

Google is one of the most iconic companies in the World and Google’s search engine normally referred as Google Web search is one of the most popular  search engine in the World. Interestingly the Google search engine or the Google web search handles over 3 billion searches per day. Needless to say the figure is […]

6 things you should do during college vacation
June 15, 2014

College vacations are one of the best time for any engineering student. Engineers can just sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of the world in this free time . Because believe it or an engineering students college life is really hard. College from 9 to 5, Periodic leaves for 20 days so we can […]

How and what makes a google glass work
June 11, 2014

Google glass is a product developed by the Google X team. The product is named “Glass” and it is called as “Project Glass”. Glass has been one of the most talked about project for a couple of year now as tech geeks know that it is a small wearable computer that lets you access all […]

The science behind laziness and productivity
May 29, 2014

Laziness and Productivity are two things that separate the best and the ordinary. Productive people are more likely to achieve their dream because of the dedication they have towards their work, disciplined work ethics and productive habits that separate them from the rest of the crowd. Whereas Lazy people are the ones who keep dreaming, postpone things […]

Engineering exams take place after every 6 months and depending on have you gave your current semester exams closely affects your next semester. If you have prepared everything related to your current semester exams then everything will go off well,  you won’t get ATKT’s and if you do not have an ATKT’s you will be […]