In a normal engineering semester you have to study at least 5 – 6 engineering subjects. And for each subject, professors will expect you to maintain a separate note book for their subjects. And even though having one book per subject seemed like a good idea in school it is hardly a good idea when […]

Good is a very astonished word – always associated with positive karma’s in life,in a way the word is a big competitor of word BAD so people try to play safe and like to be in corner of GOOD all the time. GOOD Habits are always better than BAD ones, GOOD people always better than […]

Completing an engineering college write up is one of the most boring things an engineering student has to do throughout his 4 years of engineering college life. Even though students enjoy performing practical experiments during their practical session, very few students are interested in finishing their college write ups in college itself.   But here […]

Many engineering students prefer bunking the 1st month of college and spend their valuable time at home doing nothing or thinking about how bad the last semester papers were. If you too are committing the same mistakes then check out these 7 activities an engineering student should  do in the 1st month of every engineering […]

Top 8 excuses made by engineering students
June 27, 2014

For many engineering students in India engineering is all about expectation. We expect a lot from ourselves. When 17 – 18 year old teenagers enter engineering college they have many goals and dreams. We are all restless when we are in the first year of engineering. We want to do this and we want to […]

6 things you should do during college vacation
June 15, 2014

College vacations are one of the best time for any engineering student. Engineers can just sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of the world in this free time . Because believe it or an engineering students college life is really hard. College from 9 to 5, Periodic leaves for 20 days so we can […]

Shopping is one of the basic needs of every human being. And as students or young Indian brigade we are really more anxious when it comes to shopping. We want the latest of everything, latest Smartphone, watches, shoes etc. But the reality is, since most of college going students are in the age limit of […]

Engineering exams take place after every 6 months and depending on have you gave your current semester exams closely affects your next semester. If you have prepared everything related to your current semester exams then everything will go off well,  you won’t get ATKT’s and if you do not have an ATKT’s you will be […]

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