7 cool things about Steve Jobs movie called JOBS
January 5, 2014

Steve Jobs was an artist, visionary, innovator who created one of the  most successful company of modern era Apple. The guy who revolutionized  the entire personal computer industry, the motion picture industry, music industry, the telephone industry and gave birth to the Tablet industry.   So here a Steve Jobs movie that depicts all these […]

10 things first year Engineering student must know
January 2, 2014

First year of engineering is one of the most important years for an engineering student, A year that sets the tone for a normal individual to a possible Engineering degree. The degree that’s considered one of the toughest in the world. More importantly it’s a year that sets the tone for next 4 years of Engineering. […]

Final Year Project in Engineering is a great opportunity for any engineering student to learn new practical skills related to his/her core branch. As in many engineering colleges it’s a race for scoring good grades semester after semester. And with each semester winding up in almost 5 month it is really hard to imagine a […]

How to give a great college presentation
January 2, 2014

Every day more than 1 million presentations take place all over the Globe. And if you’re a College student chances are you may be preparing for your college presentation that will be coming up in the next few days. College Presentations are something many students are not comfortable with. And the main reason why students […]

Teenager – The word derived from tens and some of you reading this blog will be in your late teens, studying in your dream college, pursuing an engineering degree that is taking you one step closer to your dream. The dream of becoming an engineer and enjoy a quality life but you know a dream is […]

5 cool techniques for Engineering College examination
November 30, 2013

Exams come and go and we all try to prepare our best for college examination. Sacrificing our favorite TV shows, Football matches gossips of your favorite TV star. We toss up everything just so that we prepare well for college examination. All seems well few hours before the examination. We get to a point where we […]

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