12 Types of Smartphone Apps You Must Have
August 20, 2014

Smartphone apps have come up a long way in terms of technology. 5 years back the mobile platform was dominated by Nokia and there weren’t many apps in those days. Today the World of smartphone is dominated by Application or Apps in short, we are surrounded by them and teenagers cannot live without them.  And […]

25 Rare Quotes On Time For Your Inspiration
August 16, 2014

Looking for some rare quotes on time? We all know time is the one of the most important commodity we all have in our life’s  and how we use it makes the difference. So here are 25 of rarest quotes on time for your inspiration. Quotes On Time 1. If you spend too much time thinking […]

11 reasons why you must have a linkedin account
August 13, 2014

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social networking website. Talking about professionals, LinkedIn is a place where you can make valuable connections with people you know or to whom you may like to get introduced.  So listed below are 11 reasons why you must have a LinkedIn accountand what are the benefits of having one. […]

10 free websites and tools to learn electronics
August 11, 2014

Are you constantly on the hunt for the various tutorials, websites and tools to learn electronics? But all you ever get in search result is a bunch of different websites out of which only some are useful. So whether you are Electronics or Electronics & Telecommunication or Electrical engineering student/engineer or just an electronics hobbyist here are […]

10 IEEE Spectrum Tech Video Worth Watching
July 29, 2014

IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and IEEE spectrum is a magazine that is edited by IEEE spectrum. The IEEE spectrum youtube channel has some great collection of tech video helpful for electronic hobbyist and electronic engineers. Here are 10 IEEE spectrum video related to latest and future technology worth watching.   1. […]

In a normal engineering semester you have to study at least 5 – 6 engineering subjects. And for each subject, professors will expect you to maintain a separate note book for their subjects. And even though having one book per subject seemed like a good idea in school it is hardly a good idea when […]

Do you know Steve Jobs was fired from his own company(Apple) in 1985. And in 1997 after creating some lack luster products many people thought Apple products had no taste and the company would shut down soon. But there was one man who thought the opposite. And if you are guessing that one man was […]

13 Advantages Of Smartphones Over Normal Phones
July 18, 2014

Do you know there are 90,45,14,000 cell phone users in India. And with population of India being close to 1.2 billion we can easily calculate that more than 74% population in India use mobile phones. But in today’s ever changing World it is more beneficial to have a smartphone then just a normal mobile phone. […]

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