Apple introduces iOS 8, Mac OS X Yosemite at WWDC 2014
June 3, 2014

Finally on June 2 2014, Apples World Wide Developers Conference(WWDC) for 2014 was held and in WWDC 2014 Apple has talked about the much awaited iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. But that’s not all Apple also announced iCloud Drive, Healthkit, Homekit and a new programming language called Swift which Apple believes can probably replace Objective C in the near Future.


And here are some of the major features announced for both OS X , iOS announced at WWDC 2014


iOS 8 

The looks and UI of iOS 8 have not got any major update but iOS 8 comes in with tons of new and interactive features. Here are some of the most important features of iOS 8.


1. Improved Spotlight search

Apple has improvised drastically on the spotlight search in iOS 8. Previously search was only limited to apps and contact on you iOS devices. But in iOS 8 when you type in something in the spotlight search it will also show movies, songs available on iTunes. Wikipedia articles, Maps and movie show time at the nearby theaters.


2. iCloud Drive

Now with iCLoud integration for iOS and OS X store your data in Cloud and access it anytime anywhere from your Mobile or Mac.


3. Healthkit

Healthkit is an app for monitoring your personal health and fitness data. With Healthkit iPhone users can monitor their health on daily basis. Healthkit will gather all your health information from other apps and display it in one place.


4. HomeKit

Homekit will help you control your home appliance directly from your iPhone. Homekit will let you use your iPhone as a remote controller. Homekit will also be siri integrated. So if you want to turn off your lights you can just tell siri something like “Time to go to Bed” and it will turn off all the light.


5. Smarter keyboard

iOS 8 Keyboard now comes in with a new feature called as QuickType. iPhone smart keyboard will now  provide auto complete suggestions based on your typing history, contacts or the content of your text and further more the keyboard learns your typing habits. Apple will now also let you install 3rd party keyboard apps across all your devices.


6. Notifications and Lock screen

Now you can directly respond to messages directly from your Notification and lock screen itself. So there is no need to open the messaging app just for replying to messages. You can also like Facebook posts, bid for eBay items from your lock screen or notification bar.


7. Siri goes Hands free

This feature is very much similar to Motorola’s “OK Google” feature in which you can active your phone directly by your voice without touching the phone. Just say Hey Siri to wake up you iPhone.


8. Family sharing app

9. Facetime waiting

10. Tips app

11. Messages with Audio and Video chat

12. WiFi Calling

13. DuckDuckGo search engine in Safari search

14. Braille Keyboard



Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

OS X Yosemite is the 11th major release of OS X. Yosemite comes with some stunning new features and design. Here are few of them. The word Yosemite is named after a national park in California.


1. New Design

The OS X design has got a complete makeover and the design is inspired by iOS. There are no aqua era bubbles, 3D effects, textures & shadows. Instead what we have now are translucent panels, flat design, font optimize for retina display. The spotlight buttons for minimizing, maximizing and closing a window are flat icons now with maximize button been replaced by a full screen button in all the apps.


2. Handoff sync

Handoff is a new and a very cool feature introduced in OS X Yosmite. Handoff will allow all your iOS and OS X devices to link up with each other when they are in close proximity. Suppose you get an e-mail on your iPhone but you don’t want to answer it on small screen you can open it on the Mac. If your e-mail app is open on the iPhone it will show up on the Mac and if you have started typing the e-mail on the iPhone the same text and info will also be shown on the Mac.


3. Airdrop

With airdrop you can share files between OS X (Mac) and iOS devices(iPhone). Previously you could share data only between Macs or Mobile devices.


4. Sms and Phone calls

Now you can use services such as sms and iMessage from any of your devices. Which means you can send sms and make and receive phone calls directly from your Mac also.


5. Safari

Apple Safari browser has gone through some major changes. And as announced in WWDC 2014 the address bar at the top is shorten and is now placed at the center. Safari has also improved it tab function. The address bar further provides you with smart suggestion as well as spotlight suggestion, a tab button on the top right side of the browser will give you a bird’s eye view of all the open tabs.


6.  Spotlight

Spotlight for Mac gets a big updates with the Alfred-esque launcher. The search field will appear on the middle of the screen. So this new spotlight feature allows you to launch apps, search documents, files on your Mac, Wikipedia articles, events and contacts by typing in what you want in the spotlight search field.


7. Mail

The mail app has a major update. You can now send attachment upto 5GB via iCloud. Markup is mails new built in feature for image attachment.


8. Instant Hotspot

9. Notification and Widgets updated

10. iCloud Drive

OS X Yosemite beta version will be available to users this summer and it will launch in the fall of this year.

New Programming language for Developers


Photo credit: Paul Mayne


Apple has also unveiled a major programming language called Swift which they believe will probably replace Objective C. Apple executives at WWDC 2014 mentioned  that Swift development environment is faster than Objective C and Python Check out the video to know more about swift.



Needless to say after seeing all the above features and updates, Apple WWDC 2014 was a mega event. Tons of new features and updates that have already got all Apple users and developers excited all over the world.


Photo credit : Paul Mayne




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