Android Wear – The smart watch technology by Google
March 20, 2014

Google recently announced Android Wear which is a  new wearable technology that it will run Android powered smart watches and wearables.  Android wear is basically a modified version of Android OS.


Android wear promises ton of things not only to the consumers but it also has a lot of things in stored for android developers who would like to extend their current android apps for Android powered smart watches and wearables. .


At the start of 2014, It was been stated by many technology pundits that 2014 will be the year of wearable devices (devices that people can wear on their body). And Google seems to be one main player when it comes to building wearable tech devices.


What does it have for the consumer?

Even though Android Wear is starting with watches currently, it can also extend to other wearable as well, according to Google. Android Wear will have Google Now integrated in it. With Google Now enabled in Android Wear you can do lots of things without the need to remove your phone from the pocket.


The few key features of Android Wear are as follows

  • You can have a glance at all the information on the watch without the need to remove the phone.


  • Check notifications on the Go.
  • Connect Android Wear to your smart phone and change songs or call someone without removing the phone from the pocket.


  • Send instant voice message to other person with Android wear.


  •  Check out live match scores in a matter of seconds. 


  • Android Wear will give direct answers to asked Questions .


These are just few features of Android Wear  but with Google extending the platform to other developers we can see a lot 3rd party apps that will revolutionize the entire wearable Eco-system..


Check out this video out to know more about Android Wear.

What does it have for the developer?

Now if you are an android developers and have published several android apps running on android smart phone and tablets then you can definitely extend your android apps to the Android Wear.  Android Wear is open for 3rd party developers. Google has made a “preview sdk”available for the developers on its android website. In the coming months Google will be launching new API’s and features for the Android Wear.


Check out this video to know more about the Preview sdk for Android Wear.


When will Google launch Android Wear ?

Google has revealed that LG, Motorola, Asus, HTC and Samsung will be it Hardware partners, while Broadcom, Mediatek, Qualcom, Intel and Imagination will be its chip partners


Google will be launching it 1st set of Android Wear devices with Motorola and LG. LG will launch its model somewhere in the 2nd quarter of the year called the LG “G”. LG “G” watch will be in the shape of “square”.

Motorola will launch its Android Wear model somewhere in summer and it is called the MOTO 360. And unlike LG G, MOTO 360 will be round in shape and that is why the name MOTO 360.


So check out this video to get a sneak peek of MOTO 360.






LG G watch Samsung Galaxy Gear and Moto 360 were finally showcased to general public on 25/6 /2014 at Google I/O 2014. Even though all three devices were showcased at Google I/O, the G watch and Galaxy gear were made available to general public on 25/6/2014 at a price tag of $ 229(Rs 13,775) and $ 199 (Rs 11,970) respectively. LG G watch is available in India at a price tag of around Rs 14,999.


Specification of the LG G watch 

    • LG G watch runs on the Android Wear operating system which is a modified version of Android OS for wearable and smart-watch.


    • It consist of a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon 400 single core processor.


    • The LG G watch has a 512 MB of RAM.


    • It has a storage capacity of 4GB.


    • It has a 1.65 inch screen sporting a resolution of 280 X 280 pixels.


    • It has a battery of 400mAH which is just enough to run for a single day.


    • It consist of sensors such as accelerometer, digital compass and gyroscope.


    • The G watch connects with smartphones having Android 4.3 or higher that support Bluetooth smart.


    • The smart watch weighs at 63g.




Moto 360 is the only smart watch in this list of Android wear that is not launched yet. The price of Moto 360 is also not disclosed. It is rumored to be somewhere around $ 250.



So we hope you would have like all those awesome features and videos related to Android Wear and you would be desperate to buy any one of the three smartwatches



Photo credit :  Forgemind Archimedia




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