Amazon launches fire phone with dynamic perspective
June 20, 2014

Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon finally launched it’s much hyped smartphone called the “Fire phone” in Seattle, Washington. The fire phone was one of the most talked about gadgets in the recent past before it was launched on 18 june 2014 as it was rumored to be a 3D phone. And as it turns out this 3D technology is called the Dynamic perspective. The fire phone is a completely different phone as it consists of 5 cameras in the front. Yes a total of 5 cameras. Let’s explore Amazon fire phone specs and technology in details



The Fire phone consists of a 4.7 inch 720p screen with Gorilla glass. The device has its own operating system called the “Fire OS 3.5” which is built on custom version of Android. Fire phone consist of a 2.2 Giga Hertz Quad Core processor, 2 GB RAM and an adreno 330 Graphic processor unit. It has storage of 32GB and 64 GB. It consists of a 13 MP rear camera with optical image stabilization and 4 infrared cameras at the front. It also consists of magnetic headphone that prevents the headphones from getting tangled.


Here is a video from Verge that explains the specs and features of the fire phone

Dynamic Perspective

Dynamic perspective is one of the biggest features in the fire phone that separates it from other phones in the market. And as the name suggests this 3D technology is more dependent on the user’s perspective. The display gives users a sense of looking deeper into the screen. In simple words when a user tilts the phone horizontally or vertically they can views the graphical images in 3D. The 3Dperspective technology is used in fire phones lock screen, Maps, playing games etc


Do you know: When you see a particular 3D image popping out of the screen with the help of 3D glasses it is called as negative parallax.  And the technology used in fire phone is called positive parallax

The 4 infrared cameras at the front are placed at the corners. These cameras have a wide range of view so that it can detect users head every time the phone is turned on. The front cameras are so powerful that the can detect a person’s head even in low light. Jeff Bezos even mentioned that the cameras are so advanced it can differentiate between a normal human head and a mannequin.

The fire phones also consist of an auto-scrolling feature that allows users to scroll automatically while browsing and reading e-books. Users can also shake the fire phone for notifications and to open other screens


The fire phone also has this unique feature called the Firefly. With firefly users can take picture of any object and then the phone will gives users complete detail about the product. And off course since it is an Amazon phone it will also gives users an option to purchase it from Amazon. For firefly there a dedicated button on the side of the phone below the volume controls.

If you are listening to a song or music on some other device and firefly recognizes it, Firefly will prompt you to get the song from Amazon music. You can even scan a particular items barcode and firefly will redirect you to Amazon from where you can purchase that item. This feature will surely make Amazon more profitable.



Fire phone also consist of Mayday which Amazon had first introduced in Kindle Fire HDX tablets. Mayday is the 24X7 video support service provided by Amazon for its customers.


Some more features

One of the most features about the fire phone is that it offers free unlimited photos and video storage on Amazon cloud. Amazon Prime is also free for a complete year on the Fire phone.



The fire phone has some of its cons too.

The Amazon appstore have limited number of Apps as compared to Google’s Play store and Apple’s appstore. The fire phone is not friendly to wearable as it does not have Bluetooth 4.0 L.E (Low Energy). It consists of Bluetooth 3.0.


Do you know: Bluetooth LE is also known as Bluetooth smart.


The fire phone is currently available only for US users. The phone is priced at $299 for a 32 GB model and $399 for a 64 GB model with contract. The phone cost $650 without any contract. Needless to say the Amazon fire phone is a different phone as compared to other phones in the market. So what are your thoughts on the new Fire phone? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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