13 Advantages Of Smartphones Over Normal Phones
July 18, 2014

Do you know there are 90,45,14,000 cell phone users in India. And with population of India being close to 1.2 billion we can easily calculate that more than 74% population in India use mobile phones. But in today’s ever changing World it is more beneficial to have a smartphone then just a normal mobile phone. And here are 13 advantages of smartphones over normal phones.


1. Saves Time 



One of the biggest advantages of smartphones without a doubt is that it helps save a lot of your time. Smartphones are mini computers and since they are minicomputer you can complete most of your Desktop work on the smartphone itself. You can view and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents from your smartphone, check updates, edit photos and video without being a Photoshop expert.


2. Millions of Apps

Having a smartphone gives you access to millions of Apps available on Android’s Play store, Apple Appstore and Windows App store. With plenty of options to choose from you have a option to cystomize tour phone as you want.


3. Apps instead of Websites



When you have a normal phone the only way you can access the internet is via the mobile browser. In old days it was fine but in today’s world accessing a website in a browser can have its limitation especially if you are browsing a social media or e-Commerce website


Website such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flipkart, and Amazon are available in the form of Mobile Apps. And since these website are available in the form of apps you can enjoy a better web experience.


This is one of the best advantages of smartphones that benefits both the developers and the end user.


4. Good for reading


If you are a student or a passionate reader then advantages of smartphones have also spread in the field of reading. All the current smartphones in the market have good pixel density that allows for rich reading experience. Smartphones are also available in various screen sizes from a 3.5” smartphone to a 5” smartphone. The bigger the phone better is your reading experience.


5. Go Hand-free


One of the major advancement in smartphone technology has been its voice recognition system. Apple’ Siri and Google’s Google Now voice recognition system have advanced so much over the past 3-4 years that they can now recognize many English words spoken in Indian accent.


So go hands free, instead of typing, use your voice to send messages via whatsapp, search something on Google or even make a voice note (with Google keep) and save it.


6. Free calls and messaging 

free calls and messages


3 – 4 years back when smartphones were not that popular most of us would recharge a sms pack that gave us the luxury of sending certain amount of messages for free.


But with apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, Hike all that has become a thing of past as you can now send free chat messages to other people who have a smartphone. Smartphone apps like Viber and Line further allow you to make free phone calls anywhere in the World.


7. Wi-Fi



New smartphone buyers hardly understand the meaning of Wi-Fi at first. But when they do they really can’t live without it and search for free Wi-Fi spots. Wi-Fi technology is also used for Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi advantages of smartphones can also be extended to wireless printing.


8. Wireless sharingWireless sharing


Advantages of smartphones also extend to the field of sharing because now you can share files wirelessly (INTERNET required) without the need of USB.


For wireless sharing you can use storage apps like Dropbox, Google drive or Onedrive.

Eg – Assuming you have google drive app installed in your smartphone.

Upload the files you want to share or transfer in the Google drive app. Once files are stored in your Google Drive account you can access them anytime anywhere. In this case access it in your PC.


9. Maps and NavigationMaps and navigation

Maps and Navigation apps are the best if you want to travel to a new place in your city. And the number of Navigation and Map applications are increasing year by year.

You can use standard Google Maps app to view maps, get direction from Point A to Point B, and see traffic in your city. Navigation apps also suggests the best routes and time taken to reach a particular destination.

Apps like Google Maps Engine, My Tracks and Waze can also come in handy. You see there are several advantages of smartphones in this department also


10. Become a Developer

Im a developer

This is one of those advantages of smartphones many engineering students overlook. Now since you are in engineering field you should be familiar to at least one smartphone programming languages(Android, iOS, Windows). For this you can download a tutorial apps and start learning.


Computer and IT engineering students can create android, iOS or Windows software applications. Electronics branch students can create applications to control hardware devices via Bluetooth.  Different branch students can decide what type of app suits their need.


11. Make Money 



This is again one of those advantages of smartphones many students don’t know. Now students who do have smartphone just use it for the sake of chatting, use various apps etc. But one of the core advantages of smartphones that many people don’t realize is that they can use it as a tool to make money by creating smartphone apps.


12. Explore your inner Artist

This is one of the advantages of smartphones in the field of creativity. Engineers are creative people but the only problem is that we do not exercise our creativity to our full potential.


Apps like Pixlr Express, Repix, PicsArt can help you edit photo’s like a Pro. Apps like AutoCad 360 can help mechanical engineering students with engineering drawing. Apps like SketchBook can also come in handy. You can even download various educational apps to learn new skills or enhance your current skills.


13. Keeps you updated throughout the day 

Having a smartphone also keep you updates with all the day to day activities. After you wake up in the morning you can check what the weather is (on smartphone) even before stepping out of the house. Check traffic updates on Google Map. Go to college and if there is some important announcement post it on your Whatsapp or Facebook group and inform other people.


So I hope if you would have never used a smartphone before then one of the above points will definitely tempt you in buying a smartphone. And for majority of you who have a smartphone I hope you would agree with 13 advantages of smartphones mentioned above.


What are some advantages of smartphones that you feel I have missed here? What according to you are some other advantages of smartphones?. Feel free to share them in the comments below.


Featured photo credit: Cheon Fong Liew



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