6 reasons why online shopping is best form of shopping
June 10, 2014

Shopping is one of the basic needs of every human being. And as students or young Indian brigade we are really more anxious when it comes to shopping. We want the latest of everything, latest Smartphone, watches, shoes etc. But the reality is, since most of college going students are in the age limit of 17- 24 years sometimes we are really not that mature to strike the right deal for a particular product. And after buying we end up realizing that we have spent more on a product or if you purchase a cheaper product you later find that the product has some defects in it.

Needless to say we do make many mistakes while purchasing products on our own. And if you also the one get confused or make mistakes while purchasing a product then you must try online shopping website/portals like flipkart or amazon to make smarter purchases.

And so here are 6 reasons why online shopping is really a smarter way of shopping


1. Millions of products to choose from

millions of product

Source: Amazon


Suppose you go a local electronic store to purchase a scientific calculator but the model you need is out of stock and it will be available only after a week. In such a situation you will either wait for a week. But if it is urgent you will will buy calculator of  any other model which the shopkeeper shows you. In other words when you shop from a local store your options are limited


Here is where online shopping is most beneficial, because you can actually browse millions of product available on such portals and you really don’t have to depend on any salesperson or shopkeeper to find out the best product for you.


2. Discounts and Exchange offers


Source: Amazon


Who do not like discount? Whether it a discount of Rs 10 or Rs 1000. As a student we too like discounts. Online portals like Amazons, Flipkart and many others do offer discounts on most of their products. There are seasonal discount, discount on special days or month. You can view discount section on each of these online shopping portal so that you can make more out of your money.But discount is not all you can also save some money from exchange offer.


3. Product description and Specification

Source: Flipkart


Have you ever gone to a shopping mall or a local store from where you were interested in buying a smartphone. And after trusting the salesperson you bought a Smartphone. But later found out that he has given you a dull smartphone or the price at which you bought that phone is higher than other shops. This is a normal scenario and can happen with any one of us.
One of the best reasons why online shopping is a smarter option is because there are detailed specifications of all the products. And product description and specification really help us in finding the best product that suits our needs. Further you can even help your friends in finding the best product for them.


4. Customer feedback

customer feedback

Source: Amazon


Customers who regularly shop  online do give their valuable feedbacks which are available at the bottom of every product. The customer review further helps new buyers in making the right choice. Because wise customers both satisfied and unsatisfied do make it a point to share their experiences.


5. Packing

Companies like Flipkart and Amazon do put in a lot of effort in their packing. And so does many online shopping portals do make sure that the product is not damaged during transportation.


Eg: Delicate products like Sunglasses are double packed to avoid breakage.


6. Home delivery

Now everyone in India and all around the world knows that this is the coolest part about online shopping, the product is delivered at your doorsteps. And the good news is most of the products are delivered at you house for free.


Online shopping is a much more convenient way of shopping for today’s youth because as youngsters we spend majority of our time on the internet. We like to view multiple products, want discounts, take feedback’s from the best people and want detailed description before buying a product. And you get all these 6 benefits when you shop online.


So what is your view about online shopping? Which is your favorite online shopping portal and what is your own personal experience about buying a product from there? Do share it with us in the comment below.



Feature Photo credit : Tim Reckmann






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