4 Reasons Why Good Is Not Good Enough In Engineering
July 10, 2014

Good is a very astonished word – always associated with positive karma’s in life,in a way the word is a big competitor of word BAD so people try to play safe and like to be in corner of GOOD all the time. GOOD Habits are always better than BAD ones, GOOD people always better than other, GOOD in studies will get you admission in a good college and eventually will help you  in getting a good paying JOB.   But do these so called good rules apply to an ENGINEER. Somewhat “Yes” but in many ways “No”. So if GOOD is not GOOD enough for Engineers than what actually suits an Engineer. The answer lies in being GREAT at what you do.


So that when you do it people will see the spark in you.They will think that you are a breed different from the normal. In many ways you will end up doing things that others just dream they are capable of doing.   So here are few things for teenagers pursuing Engineering must follow to be different from Normal.


Engineering is intimidating, Quite Challenging than other courses available in college. Teenagers who enter engineers are never the same after their 4 years course is completed and they become graduates. But the Question is what  is that change you want to become. What is that change you want to see in yourself. Why should you change?.  Youngsters who end up taking engineering are passionate about their life. Engineering is like a grind. You have to grind for change only then you will become a great learner in engineering.


Quick fix for Change– Find your passion in your desired field and then you will always be enjoying what your learning, that passion will indeed CHANGE your thoughts and the thought will further change your Habits.


If you don’t want to suffer miserable situations in Engineering then try changing your Habits.  Habits shape life.



“You become what to repeatably do”



Gone are the days when you use to score good marks in school, Junior college and Classes. Engineering is more about gaining practical knowledge from whatever you read, then knowing every answers.


Quick fix for Habits– Google that new concept you learned in college today. Dig deep into something that interests you. Dedicate 15 minutes for these activity of searching (or some productive hobby you like doing) every single day. These small habits will make a BIG difference once you look back at yourself after every 6 months..



“Instead of trying to learn few good Habits try neutralizing or giving up some BAD ones”



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A wise man said this long time back “TIME IS MONEY” this quote suits engineering students. Engineering students get only 5 month (even less than that sometimes) to complete a syllabus that’s really vast. And by the time one thinks of starting studies they end getting assignment, write ups and what not and you are left with hand full of days to finish an gigantic syllabus .


Quick Fix for Time – Try getting up  1 hour early daily and memorize most of your answers at that time, make a commitment that all your assignments write ups and Practical’s get over during your time in college, bunked lectures and free time during the break can prove quite helpful. So you can save your time during evenings and work on  some useful engineering projects at Home.


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4. GOOD Engineers read Great Engineers DO IT

When was the last time a Good Computer Engineering student built a complex C++,Java or Database Program. When was the last time Electronics and EXTC Engineers design their own PCB that actually produced an output etc etc and the list goes on. A long time back could be an answer for these question. Good engineering students read some new concept in ONE SEMESTER only to forget it in the next SEMESTER.   Change your MENTALITY. Figure out your BAD habits and try slashing them out of your life . Manage your time well every single day and Aim for Greatness   With all these said it is time now to AIM for greatness and being GREAT.


“Learn to say NO to the GOOD So you can say YES to the GREAT.”



Photo credit : Kevin Burkett


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