12 Types of Smartphone Apps You Must Have
August 20, 2014

Smartphone apps have come up a long way in terms of technology. 5 years back the mobile platform was dominated by Nokia and there weren’t many apps in those days. Today the World of smartphone is dominated by Application or Apps in short, we are surrounded by them and teenagers cannot live without them.  And so here are 12 types of smartphone apps you must have in your smartphone.


1. The Education or learning  apps

Learning is a part of our life. We are creative creatures born to learn and grow. Even researchers have found that no one is born smart and the only way to reach the tops is through hardwork and constant learning attitude.

Having a smartphone can open new ways of learning. There are many smartphone apps that you can download for learning new skills. Here are some educational apps that you can download.

Smartphone apps for this category


2. Free call and messaging app

Free calls and messaging are the type of apps everyone downloads soon after getting a smartphone. The main reason why you must have these app is because they help you stay connected with your friend s and family anywhere in the world. And the best part, the app is also free and calling or chatting is also free.

Smartphone apps for this category


3. To-Do List or Productive app

Smartphone can also be a distraction or a time waster if used only for playing games, social media and chatting. But if you want to make the best use  of your smartphone then download a productivity or To-Do List apps so that you do more things in the day. You can further use your smartphone to keep a track record of what you have done, what you are doing and what needs to be done.

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4. Business app

Apps in which you can view PowerPoint, Word, and Excel can be of great use. Having such apps can avoid the pain of carrying a laptop to college or office just for the sake of showing one PowerPoint or one excel sheet to your colleagues.

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5. Maps and Navigation Apps

For people who like to explore new places should have Navigation apps in their smartphone. Even if you are not a traveler you still must have Navigation or Map apps in your smartphone. Navigation apps come in handy when you go a new location, because then instead of depending on other people to locate a particular address.  You can find the destination or Address on your own with some assistance from the app.

Smartphone apps for this category


6. Motivational Quotes  app

We all need motivation to kick start our day. And the best way to get motivated sometimes is having an app which is loaded with tons of motivational quotes from great personalities. So here are few apps in this category which you can download.

Smartphone apps for this category

  • Motivational Success Quotes
  •  You may not come across many Good User Interface apps in this category, but sometimes words matter more than visual.


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7. Image and Video Editing Apps

Editing with smartphones apps is simpler and easier then compared to Computer software and application. Today you really do not need to know advance software application to edit photos or videos. Different types of Photo and video editing can be done using free or paid smartphone apps.

Smartphone apps for this category


8. Fitness App

If being fit is one of your goals or Mantras then you should make some space for fitness apps in your smartphone. Here are few of them.

Smartphone apps for this category


9. File Manager apps

File Manager Apps are a must have for any smartphone user. Many smartphones in the market are not preloaded with good File Manager app, so that’s why it really important to download a good file Manager app to keep track of your file.

Smartphone apps for this category


10. Music and Video apps

Music and Video app like soundcloud and YouTube are of great use for many reasons. The best part of these Music and video smartphone apps is that you can listen to music and watch videos for free without the need of storing the data in your local or SD card memory. The only thing you must have is a good internet connection.

Smartphone apps for this category


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11. E-commerce app

Crazy about shopping or just want to do shopping using yoursmartphone. Whatever your reasons are, having an e-commerce app never hurts. E-commerce apps like Amazon and Flipkart are very useful when you want to buy a particular product from your smartphone. Not only is it useful for buying but you can also check out the description to find the best product.

Smartphone apps for this category


12. Cloud storage App

Do you have a habit of taking too many pictures? And as a result you constantly run out of storage space. If yes then you must download at least one Cloud storage app for extra memory.

Cloud storage is basically useful for two purposes.

  • Storing data on the cloud.
  • Wireless sharing to any device that is connected to your personal account.

Smartphone apps for this category


Even though there are million of smartphone apps made available to us. The biggest problem is the Phone memory in which you store these apps. So it is really important that you keep the apps that will make you productive rather than making you lazy, use apps that can help you in studying and learning new thing. Most importantly keep apps that will make your life a lot easier. So if you like these apps then don’t mind sharing them with one of your friends.



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