10 smart ways to study during exams
May 13, 2014

The time of examination is perhaps one of the most testing times in the life of an engineering students. As an engineering student faces a lot of high’s and lows during this period. And since many engineering semester exams last for almost a months, So here are 10 smart ways to study during exams


1. Eliminate distractions

Once you eliminate distraction during exam period, 50% of your job is done. Sitting on FB, twitter, other social media, calling your friend for the notes and then gossiping about other stuffs are the things that will distract you and make you lose your focus in studies. And if you don’t focus during this period you will just be pilling on the hours without studying anything. And the worst part you will also be pilling up a ATKT list for the future.


2. Create a Schedule

This is the first thing you must early in the morning after you wake up. Creating a schedule gives you an extra edge over other students. Instead of being late owl (studying at night) try to be an early bird. Wake up at the time when others are sleeping. Creating a schedule will also help you in improving your focus, because now you have a definite plan of finishing topic systematically & quickly rather than studying at random.


3. Refer Question papers

Referring previous year question can really help in a big way in increasing your Productive time. When you refer Question papers you  understand which are the most important question and then you can study accordingly. Now referring Question papers will also let you know whether what you are studying is in the syllabus or not in the syllabus. Because sometimes some students spend the whole day studying topics that are not important or are not in the syllabus.


Note: If you are an Mumbai University Engineering student then download the Engineering Question paper app of your specific branch by clicking on this link here and go to more from developer section to find your suitable app


4. Solve more problems 

If you are preparing for a paper in which 30 – 40% questions are problems than you should definitely practice more problems. Do remember writing a long and lengthy theory answer can some times take 20-30 minutes and if your exam duration is 3 hrs then you have lost 1/6th of your time in just one question.


There are 2 main benefits of solving problems during examination

1. You have a better chance of getting all the marks associated with the problem

2. It takes less time to solve a problem as compared to writing a theory answer holding the same amount of marks


 5. Learn the diagram first

If your are preparing for a paper which consist of 90% of theory question then first thing you should do is learn the Block diagram, Schematic diagram or any other diagrams associated with the theory answer.


The benefits of remembering diagrams

1. Once you understand the complete diagrams, it then becomes more easy to understand the theory part rather than doing the theory first without having a look at the diagram.

2. Neat and clean diagrams means you can score more marks.

3. Increases the length of your answer.


6. Learn from others

Learning from other students and friends is the best way to save time and understand topics really fast. Make sure if you have not understood some topic that is really important then ask your friends whether they have done that topic and learn it from them.


In engineering what you think is difficult may be easy for other person and vice versa.

We are all scholars in our own rights


7. Read the difficult topic at-least 3 times before giving up

Read the difficult things at least 3 times before giving up. It is really difficult to understand engineering concepts sometimes in the 1st attempt but when you read something the 2nd time you may start to understand 10% of the answer and the 3rd time may understand 30% of the answer and off you go.


8. Focus on Productive hours than Busy hours

Focusing on productive hours simply means you are not wasting even a single minute of your study time. Busy hour means you think you have studied for 5 hours but even after studying for 5 hours you really have no idea of what you have studied.


Productive hours and Busy hours are really what separate the students who study one night before the exam and score distinction as compared to the ones who study 10 hours everyday and fail. So always focus on productive learning.


9. Fail while you practice rather than failing in exams

Do you know the No: 1 reason why the toppers of every college don’t fail in any semester. The answer is very simple they fail a lot before the exam. They fail while understanding at home, college and classes but they keep on learning and perfecting things well before exams rather than give up easily. And this is a really important point. Many students will just study something once and if they don’t understand they will never make an attempt to learn it again which could be one of the reason why a majority of engineering students fail in their semester exams.


“Failing to prepare is Preparing to Fail”


10. Read short motivational quotes daily 

Reading motivational quotes and saying are the best way to stay active and stay on track. Because lets be frank, sometime you may spend the whole night understanding a particular derivation and may just not understand anything related to it. So how will your mindset be when you wake up the next day? Not good I guess. But when you read a short quote or saying that pumps up your Adrenaline you may just think of reading that derivation again and in a matter of minutes you may understand the entire derivation.


Here are 2 quotes that will pump up your adrenaline

1. I failed in some subjects in exam but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I’m the owner of Microsoft

Bill Gates

2. Study while others are sleeping, Work while others are loafing, prepare while others are playing and dream while others are wishing.

William Ward

A quick Summary

1. Eliminate distractions.

2. Create a schedule

3. Refer Question papers

4. Solve more problems

5. Do the Diagrams first

6. Learn from others.

7. Read the difficult topics at least 3 times before giving up

8. Focus on productive hours than busy hours

9. Fail while you practice rather than failing in semester

10. Read short motivational quotes daily

So there’s are the 10 smart tips  you as engineering students should be doing while preparing for your exam papers. So if you think these 10 tips are helpful than one more smart thing you can do is take a screenshot of the summary in you smartphone and access the screenshot whenever necessary and do share this post with other student as well.

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