10 lessons you can learn from German football team
July 15, 2014

World Cup 2014 came to a fitting end on 13 july 2014 with the German football team emerging as the new football World champions. Undoubtedly the German football team was the best team among 32 other teams that competed in the World Cup.


Seeing Germany play in the World Cup was truly inspiring. They looked like a team who were on a mission. All the 11 player (and even the substitutes) had one goal in mind i.e to win the World Cup. As winners of World Cup 2014 there are 11 lessons engineers can learn from the German football team.


1. Team work

The German football team showed some amazing glimpses of team work in this year World Cup. There was no “me” in the team. The seniors and the young players all played and enjoyed the beautiful game of football.


Lesson you can learn

A team is always greater than an individual. Be a team player, Push people Up not down, help your classmates in their problems. If you participate in a competition, give your best for the team. Personal accolades mean nothing if your team ends up on the losing side.


2. Records are meant to be broken

This year World Cup saw the German Football team broke many records. Miroslav Klose became the highest goal scorer in all World Cup tournaments with 16 goals surpassing Ronaldo’s record of 15 goals. Germany handed Brazil the worst defeat in their own country beating the 7-1 in the semi-final.


Germany also also became the top scoring (224) nation in World Cup history breaking Brazil record of 223 records.


Lesson you can learn

To break records you need to be a winner. Know this Winners aren’t born they are made. And to be a winner you need to have a winning mindset and a winning mindset is developed only through hard work and dedication. And records are broken by people who work hard and are dedicated to their craft.


3. Take the Lead

In all of Germany’s 7 matches, the Germans made sure they were the team who always scored the opening goal. They were the team to strike first in all the games.


Lesson you can learn

Stay ahead of others. Don’t lag behind in engineering. Be the first one to solve a complex program, Be the first person to learn a difficult programming language, Be the first person to ask question. Finish studying before P.L, it will reduce a lot of weight from your shoulders.


4. Each department matters

The German football team was consistent in all departments, from attack to defense each player played to the best of their potential. The Germans scored 18 goals, highest in this year’s tournament equaling a record set by Brazil in 2002 World Cup. Interestingly the German football team conceded only 4 goals.


Lesson you can learn

As engineers you have to complete write-up, assignment, attend lectures, participate in Workshop, work on numerous projects etc. And if you want to be the best (like Germany) then you have to master all the departments without making excuses.


5. Competing with the Giants

The German football team played their best football against the best teams in the World. The Germans beat Portugal 4-0 in the opening match and Brazil 7-1 in the semi-final. Both the results were unexpected as Portugal and Brazil are among the top 5 teams in FIFA ranking. Their defense was also of top quality against Argentina and France.


Lesson you can learn

Don’t be afraid to compete with the Giants. It doesn’t matter how good something looks on the papers.


6. It is OK to Fail

Do you know Germany made it to the finals of World Cup 2002 and Euro 2008 but they lost to the World Cup finals to Brazil (2002) and Euro 2008 finals to Spain (2008). They also suffered defeats in 2006 World Cup semi-finals and Euro 2012 semi-finals.


Lesson you can learn

You cannot win every competition you compete in. Sometimes you fail inches away from Victory. But failure is not bad. Failure can teach you many things. Especially failure makes you realize the value of success


The most successful people in the World are the ones who were once massive failures


7. Be consistent

The German football team was the most consistent team in the World Cup. During their Quarterfinal’s game against Algeria they scored 2 goals in extra time.


Credit goes to the Algerian Goalkeeper who saved some of the best shots thrown at him by the German strikers. But regardless of the save the German strikers keep striking in the right areas and eventually they scored in extra time.


Lesson you can learn

Sometimes you can try so hard at something but not get the results you are expecting.  When things don’t work out for you, stay persistent, focus and keep hitting the right areas and eventually you will get the results you were expecting.


8. Be Humble

German football team scored 5 goals against Brazil in the first half of World Cup semi-finals. I know all football fans know this fact. But what you may not know is that the Germans players had a discussion during the break that they will play less attacking football in the second half and not embarrass Brazil in front of their Home crowd.


Lesson you can learn

Be humble. Do something for other people without anything in return. It could be teaching your friend a topic he/she is having problem studying. It could be helping your competitor understand the mistakes they have made in a competition, explaining then how you made the same mistake and how to overcome that problem.

A simple act of kindnesses today can help you in unexpected ways in the future


9. Have Fun

Last but not the least; learn to have fun in what you are doing. The German football team had one goal in mind i.e win the World Cup.


But they never went on the field with serious faces. They enjoyed the game of football to the fullest.


Lesson you can learn

In engineering there are some students who take too much tension about studies. Remember as an engineer you have to find the right balance between seriousness of fun because too much fun and enjoyment do not make a great engineer.


10. Inspire someone

Inspiration is one word we can use to describe Germany’s World Cup campaign.  Each player rose up to the occasion, kept their heads calm in tight situation and learned from the mistake they had made in the previous World Cups and Euro’s.


Lesson you can learn

An engineering student’s life is tough. An engineering degree is considered as one of the toughest in the world. And yes every engineering student has a story to share with their juniors. Make sure it’s inspiring.


World Cup is a tournament that brings people together and inspires them. But inspiration without action is of no use. Only the best players in the World play in the World Cup. And all the best players have one thing in common. They take massive action to fulfill their goals and learn a lesson from the previous mistakes. I hope that you as an engineer will take these lessons seriously and apply them in your life.







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