10 IEEE Spectrum Tech Video Worth Watching
July 29, 2014

IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and IEEE spectrum is a magazine that is edited by IEEE spectrum. The IEEE spectrum youtube channel has some great collection of tech video helpful for electronic hobbyist and electronic engineers. Here are 10 IEEE spectrum video related to latest and future technology worth watching.


1. The baby elephant robot

Are you feed up of looking at Robots that look just like human then here is a Robot that looks more or less like a baby elephant. The baby elephant is a Quadruped Robot and it consist of 4 hybrid mechanism legs. The main specialty of the baby elephant robot is its Robot design and actuator system.


In the robotic world there are many Quadruped  robots (robots with four legs) but what differentiates baby elephant robot from other Quadruped robot is it’s leg structure.  The robots leg design is based on servo parallel mechanism beause of which it can carry loads upto 100 kg on its backs. The elephant robot uses a new type of actuator called the HY MO actuator.


Have a look the this IEEE spectrum video of baby elephant robot to know more.


2. Jumping Sumo Robot

Sumo robot is a Robot developed by Parrot Company and as the name suggest the robot do not look like a Sumo player but the robot is strong and durable. The robot can jump in air up to a certain height. The Jumping parrot Robot can be controlled by an Android or iOS device  and there is a camera in front of the Robot. So if suppose the user presses the jump button then he can actually see the robots view of jumping in the smartphone.


Have a look the IEEE Spectrum video to know more about the Jumping parrot robot.


3. Rolling spider mini Drone

Rolling spider mini drone is a drone developed by Parrot Company. The rolling spider drone robot doesn’t have 8 legs but it can actually roll on the walls and celling’s like a spider.. The miniature drone is a quad copter robot and it consists of two detachable big wheels that allow the robot to roll on the walls, floor and ceiling.


Have a look at the IEEE spectrum video to know more about the Rolling spider mini drone



4. Sphero 2B

Sphero 2B is a small robot developed by Orbotix. Sphero 2B is the new version in the Sphero series of Robots. The sphero 2B robot is in the form of cylinder. The previous model is just called Sphero. Sphero and Sphero 2B are very popular amongst robotic enthusiast . With sphero 2B you can play multi-player games. There are apps for Android and iOS which are specially built for sphero 2B.  Since sphero  is a programmable device it is used in  schools to teach kids basic programming.


Have a look at the video to know more about Sphero 2B.


5. Valkyrie

Valkyrie is NASA Superhero robot. The Valkyrie robot looks stunning and it has 44 degree of freedom. The robot is extremely durable and it has tons of different features. The robot contains many sensors and cameras that are attached all over its body.


So have a look at Valkyrie: NASA superhuman robot to know more about it


6. Small robot with Origami wheel

Basically this is not another Robot. The talking point here is the origami wheels that are attached to this robot. Origami refers to the art of paper folding and  chances are you might have created one origami craft during the craft period in your school. The Origami wheels is an innovative technology and robots built with origami technology can further be used in various application


Have a look at the IEEE spectrum video related to Origami wheels.

7. Moss

Moss is a product developed by modular robots and moss are small cubes that can be assembled together to build different kind of Robotic structures. The moss cubes are rounded at it edges and you can  join various moss cubes together to build a robot.


The Moss robotic construction system consists of various sensors, battery, Bluetooth module, spin modules, angles blocks and many more blocks. The Moss robotic construction is really one of the best robot kits for kids and teenagers because it gives them a lot of options to experiment.


Have a look at the IEEE spectrum video of Moss robotic construction system


8. Electronic skin

The electronic skin also known as E skin is an ultra-thin, ultra flexible material that can very easily stick to human body. The best part of E skin is that even if the E skin is folded or crumbled the material on the E skin will still work. As E skin are flexible and can easily stick to a human body the material can bend and stretch accordingly with body movement. The E skin can be of great use in Bio-medical application.


Have a look at the IEEE spectrum video E skin or electronic skin.


9.  Rift

The Rift is a virtual reality headset for 3D gaming developed by Oculus VR. Oculus Rift was one of the most successfully backed and funded projects on Kickstarter.  The rift is one device that can revolutionize gaming forever. The Rift is advanced virtual reality gaming device as it can track even the slightest moment of your head and body thus giving you an amazing game play experience.


Have a look at the IEEE spectrum video of the Rift to better understand this 3D gaming platform.

The Oculus has build developer kit which developers can use and build 3D games for the Oculus Rift. So if you are a developer then check out Oculus rift website to know more about the development kit.


10. Touch screens of the future

Today Smartphones and tablets can only sense where we touch on the screen. They can’t really sense how we touch a screen. From playing a game to taking picture we just use one figure or two fingures normally to zoom in and out, but what if  touch screens can actually sense how we touch.


So have a look at this IEEE spectrum video to know more how touch screens of the future would look like.



If you have enjoyed watching all the videos from IEEE spectrum then go ahead and subscribe to IEEE spectrum YouTube channel because I know some videos would have definitely amazed you. The YouTube channel is pretty much useful for electronic hobbyist and electronic engineers.


Have anything else to share with us  about the devices and technologies you saw in these video then feel free to share your views with us in the comments below.


Photo credit: Nan Palmero



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