10 free websites and tools to learn electronics
August 11, 2014

Are you constantly on the hunt for the various tutorials, websites and tools to learn electronics? But all you ever get in search result is a bunch of different websites out of which only some are useful. So whether you are Electronics or Electronics & Telecommunication or Electrical engineering student/engineer or just an electronics hobbyist here are list of websites and tools you can use to learn electronics.


Courses to learn electronics

Would you like to learn electronics from the best University courses on the planet and that to for free? If your answer is Yes then Coursera is your answer. And here are three courses you can take on Coursera (click on the blue links to check the courses).

1. Linear Circuits

Linear Circuits is a course conducted by Georgia University and it is available on Coursera for free. The course content includes the analysis of circuits design. In this course you will learn about resistive circuits, reactive circuits, frequency analysis etc. The course starts from August 8 2014 on Coursera.


2. Introduction to Power Electronics

Introduction to Power Electronics is also a free course available on Coursera which is conducted by University of Colorado. In todays fast changing world Power Electronics is used in many fields. It is used in spacecraft power system, solar power system, computer server system, electric cars etc.  In this course you will be learning about switch- mode power converters, electronics circuits use to convert electric power with high efficiency.


3.Fundamental of Electrical engineering

Fundamental of Electrical engineering course is conducted by Rice University. Since electrical engineering is one of the core branches of electronics. Students who are pursing electrical engineering can join this course so they can learn electrical fundamentals in depth.


Websites for learning electronics


4. EEVBlog

EEVBLOG is a video blog website and a YouTube channel for electronics engineers, hobbyist and curious learners. EEEVblog has exhaustive list of tutorials and electronics projects. The website also has its own forum section where you can post your doubts, queries and problems related to electronics. Since EEVBlog is video blog website all the videos are available on YouTube. So subscribe to their YouTube channel which is also called EEVBlog.

The EEVblog website and YouTube channel is hosted by David Jones, who is an electronic design engineer. He lives in Sydney, Australia and has twenty plus years of experience in electronics design engineer.


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5. Electronicsforu

Electronicsforu is a tech website where you can learn electronics on a broad scale. At electronicsforU you can check out many informative articles on technology ranging from aerospace to medicine. The website contains many tutorials and articles that are informative and useful.

Since it is an Indian website, it also has a separate section for career were Indian student can search for job that are available in India in the electronic s field.


6. Instructables

Instructables is a website for designers, hobbyists and artists. In short it is a website for people who like building stuffs.  At Instructables you will find many DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects and electronics tutorials. So if you want to make the best use of Instructables and learn electronics then search for various electronics groups on Instructables.  One of my favorite groups on Instructables is RADIOSHACK DIY which has many D.I.Y tutorials related to electronics.


7. Sparkfun

Sparkfun is a website from where you can buy electronics hardware like sensors, circuit boards, development tools and tons of other electronics components. Since Sparkfun mainly deals in electronics components and sensors they make sure that people who use them use it right.

On sparkfun homepage there is a separate tab called “LEARN” which has many tutorials and resources to learn electronics. There is also a “Get started” section from where you can learn electronics, electricity concept from scratch.


8. Amazon

Amazon is currently one e-commerce website in India from where you can buy electronics tools required for experimenting.  If you are serious about learning then you must possess the necessary tools that are required. Open source boards like Arduino and Raspberry pi (which sometimes are not available in electronics market) are easily available on Amazon. Check out some of the electronics products.

Note: The only reason why Amazon is included in this list is because you can check customer’s reviews and know what other people have to say about a particular electronics component. This will further help electronic students differentiate between good  and better products.



Adafruit is a website which has many electronics tutorials ranging from basic electronic tutorials like microcontrollers to advance electronics tutorials like Robotics.  Adafruit also has its own learn electronics section from where you can start learning electronics and a forum for posting queries. There are some amazing and innovative electronics tutorials on Adafruit that you will really enjoy learning.


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10. Makezine

If you haven’t heard about Makezine before then I bet this currently one of the coolest websites for DIY electronics projects. At Makezine you can learn not only about electronics but there are many DIY Projects, How to, Craft, workshops, science and design tutorials. Makezine also have their YouTube channel called as MAKE. 

So if you have spent thousands of money on building your electronics project but the project looks ugly.  Maybe because wires and component are not in one place are not in one place then you can view the Art & Design section to make your project more presentable because looks do matter.


I know you would have certainly unlocked the website at No: 10. I also hope these free electronics tutorials, tools and resources will help you learn electronics on your own. If you know any other resources to share feel free to share them in the comments below.


Photo credit: William Ward



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